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Big Data collection in Asia  Marketing visualization  Support service for decision making


Collecting BigData in Asia

 Marketing visualization

Provide solutions


 We provide services for each process, from understanding target data, collection to analysis, acquisition of insights and knowledge, and consulting.

 We provide in-depth and extensive data collection for location data and marketing data throughout the Asian region.We have a proven track record with global retailers, manufacturers and developers.



Established in 2012 to newly develop business for Asia and cutting-edge marketing solutions based on the know-how of Commercial Science Research Institute Co., Ltd., which has consulted over 3,000 stores with major distributors and retailers as its main customers. . Since its establishment, it has built up a track record for major international distributors, development companies, consulting companies, and consumer goods sales companies in major cities in Asia. And now, in the rapidly developing Asian market, we collect various data such as location information, statistical data, and market data, and provide services that combine new AI and cutting-edge technology.We are expanding.


Services we provide

Package Product

GPS analysis   dashboard

Collecting mobile GPS signals and grasping the movements of people. Analysis of customer information at commercial facilities in Asian countries, etc. >Read More


visitor linemovementanalytics dashboard

Grasping the visitor status of the facility and the migratory status.

・Commercial distribution dashboard

Grasping and visualizing the NET Shopping situation in each region of Asia 

・Data sales 

Targeting the Asian region. We have large number of  data

​Commercial facilities etc.


・Consulting for market analysis and trade area analysis in the Asian region with abundant data

・Consulting on data utilization and visualization modeling


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