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 In order to solve the problem, it is important to acquire the most suitable data and accurately grasp the situation. We have a variety of data, including some proprietary data we collect that you won't find anywhere else.

Combinations that are not ordinary, excavation over multiple layers,

​ or data collection by installing your own data collection tool, etc.

​We respond to a wide range of requests from Global retailer,marketing companies, consulting companies, and consumer goods manufacturers.

Providing Location Data (Japan)

Crawling data from each company's web page (copyright-free material). Targeting chain stores, Data is updated monthly to provide the latest data.

​Optional information such as commercial facility area is also added.

​Covering non-commercial facilities such as nursing homes and medical institutions Comprehensive data under construction

​ (coming soon)      

Target: All over Japan

Example Transition by chain store brand

Offer: Various format such as CSV data 

Example: Data Sheet (English version available upon request





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Japanese facility database (latest update at the end of June 2023)

Number of stores:  905,340 stores

Category 132, chain 8,267

​By Category

19,925 supermarket

19,500 Luggage store

58,196 Convenience stores
38,578 cram school

  8,239 Fitness

  1,369 Studios/photo studios

- カテゴリーごとの件数確認、簡易見積ができます -



 Please fill out the form on the right. What kind of store data is required in which region and category? Even if it is not nationwide, it can be provided by region designation. We will send you a reply with an estimate.


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(All Asia) Location, Marketing data

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